Gas and Fire Detection Solutions

Regxon’s products provide the most advanced gas detection and protection of workers and the community via three product solutions. These solutions include the superior fixed wireless gas monitors for Oil and Gas and industrial applications; the innovative, industry-standard Regxon fixed gas monitors for security systems, building automation, HVAC systems, parking structure, cold storage, beverage and restaurant CO2 detection, and home/personal safety; and the groundbreaking AimSafety portable gas detection monitors for monitoring specific gases in potentially hazardous environments including fire and hazmat, oil and gas and industrial safety applications.

Portable gas detection solutions

Multi Gas 

Single Gas 

Industrial gas detection solutions

Fixed Monitoring 

Wireless Monitoring 

Firefighting Solutions

Regxon’s Firefighting solution is focused on design, supply, installation and maintenance of fire protection systems starting from small applications up to very complicated & sophisticated hazardous fire protection systems. We have an extensive experience in the supply and installation of various fire fighting systems in accordance with NFPA requirements. We deal with major US and EU manufacturers to provide the latest scientific technology in the field of fire fighting. 

Equipment and Resources 

Heat Exchanger 

Wet and Dry Sprinkler Systems.

Deluge Systems.

Foam Systems.

Fire Hydrants Systems.

Fire Cabinets Systems.

Fire Department Systems.

Fire Pumps Systems.

Fire Suppression Systems

FM-200 System.

CO2 System.

Argonite System.

Noviac System.

Fire Trace System.

Detection System.

Fire Fighting for Transformers Systems.

Fire Extinguishers Systems.

Safety Solutions

Regxon safety solution offers comprehensive safety services that combine the highest quality products and technology, allowing us to deliver efficient solutions to our customers, in many fields.     

Equipment and Resources 

Sterilization gate against COVID 19 

Fever Detection Camera against COVID 19 

Portable Gas detection camera

Fixed gas detection camera

Rope Access

Gas detectors 

Fall Protection Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment 

Protective Coating Solutions

Regxon provides advanced polyurea based lightweight multi-component polymer coatings that have outstanding mechanical and chemical properties that make them ideal solutions for various industrial and domestic applications.

Our coating properties are modified by the blending ratios and the processing parameters during production so as to meet the desired application needs. Some of the products which Regxon provides are:

Oil and Gas Pipeline Coating 

Corrosion Metal Coating 

Industrial Coating  

Nano Ceramic Coating 

Mining Coating 

Marine Coating 

Water Tank and Wastewater Coating

Automation and Process Solutions

Regxon provides process and control instrumentation solutions, we are supplying the following manufacturer’s products as we support our customers to reduce costs, speed-up delivery and enhance engineering solutions. 

Equipment and Resources 

PLC, DCS, HMI, CNC, POWER, SCADA, SOFTWARE, DRIVE, INVERTER, integrated control, SCADA automation software, information technology, human-machine interfaces, industrial ethernet, fieldbus, wireless communications, low frequency, high voltage inverter, motion control, mechanical transmission, electrical, robotics, machine vision, sensors, field instrument display control instruments, analysis and testing instruments, actuators, industrial safety, low voltage electrical appliances, electrical connection enclosure, power supply instruments and flow computer systems.

Electrical and Instrumentation Solutions

Regxon is proudly serviced, repaired, and replacement components for several industries. Regxon undertakes on a diverse range of projects and contracts throughout the Egypt & Middle East. Regxon products have been used in offshore-onshore drilling rigs, pipelines, petrochemical plants, refineries, marine vessels, dredges, among many other production operators. We currently have systems and equipment operating in Africa, Egypt and the Middle East. It is through our past experiences we are able to look towards the future with high expectations, venturing into other business fields. Working across many different sectors. 

Equipment and Resources

OEM Equipment  

SCR Systems 

SCR/DC Drives 

VFD/AC Drives 

Switch Gears 







Limit Switches 

Body Valves 



Level Sensors 


Weighing System

Water and Wastewater Solutions

Regxon believes in working with its customers to understand each objective and combining the best industry standards with global-technology to meet customers needs. 

Solutions and Resources 

Geology and Geophysics Studies (G&G)

Water Wells Drilling Rigs Services 

Reservoir Characterization 

Research and Development 


Industrial Waste Water Treatment 

Water Treatment and Purification Process 

Pipeline Solutions (Midstream)

Regxon provides a revolutionary spooled pipe technology developed from more than 30 years of experience in demanding offshore environments. It uniquely combines the corrosion resistance and installation advantages of flexible pipe with a core of steel. Flexiable pipe is ideal for both on-shore and shallow water applications. The polyethylene liner allows for a low internal flow friction factor, which is superior to traditional steel pipe. Flexiable pipe maintains electrical continuity throughout the pipe, eliminating the need for costly tracer wires or x-rays.

Steel-Reinforced Pipe Replaces Corroded Steel Pipeline to Resume Operation in Less Than Two Days.


Oil & Gas 



Customized to fit your needs.

Inspection Solutions

Regxon offer a full range of calibration and maintenance services of pressure instruments including pressure gauges, weight indicators, pressure relief valves, level transmitters, magnetic and ultrasonic flow meters. Maintenance for gas chromatograph analyzer, PLC programming, electrical & industrial machines, automation systems installation, commissioning, start up, and electronic measurements and lab design.

Solutions and Resources

Calibration Services 

Calibration for all pressure gauges (0 PSI – 30K PSI)

Bourdon type pressure gauges 

Electrical pressure gauges 

Pressure Transmitters with electrical out put 

Calibration for silo tank weight indicator system 

Calibration for pressure recorder (Repair and Renting)

Calibration for tong torque and tong line pull system

Dead Weight tester 

Engineering and Fabrication Solutions

Regxon offers turnkey services for installation, design, renovation, assembly, instrumentation, piping, insulation, electrical installation, automation, execution of performance tests and commissioning procedures of Chemical and Petrochemical plants. We process stainless steel and carbon steel and to address the needs of the customers in the best manner. 

Equipment and Resources




Tube Exchanger

Raw Material Site Tanks

Mobile Tanks 

Gas Scrubber Unit



Thin Film Evaporator

Stainless Aluminum Silos/Granule Silos

HVAC and Cooling Solutions

Regxon provides a wide range of cooling solutions for multiple industries including Petrochemical plastics, food & pharmaceutical, packaging, chemical, printing, and machine tool markets. With a full offering of chilling equipment, pump tanks, blown film coolers, cooling towers, and full chilling systems, Regxon has the solution for your industrial cooling needs.

Equipment and Resources 

Portable Chillers 

Central Chillers 

Pump Tanks 

Cooling Towers 

Blown Film Coolers 

Hybrid Adiabatic Cooling System 

Pumps Solutions

Regxon provides a wide range of products for engineered, configured, and standard pumping solutions for auxiliary equipment. Our state-of-the-art products are performance reliability and efficient solutions.

Equipment and Resources 

Axial Flow Pump 

Axially Split Pumps 

Dewatering Pumps 

Fire Pumps 

Multiphase Pumps 

Processing Cavity Pumps

Radial Split Pumps 

Single Stage Pumps

Two Stage Pumps 

Slurry Pumps 

Submersible Pumps  

Vacuum Pumps 

Vertical Pumps 

Water Pumps 

Dosing Pumps 

Shipping Pumps 

Plunger Pumps 

Bearing Pumps 

Sewage Pump 

Heavy Equipment Solutions

Regxon works with the top heavy machinery manufacturers in the world to provide unbeatable prices, quality and service on genuine and aftermarket parts. We specialize in a wide network of manufacturers and distributors to give you the largest selection of replacement parts for your machinery such as Engines, Transmissions, Turbines, Cranes, offshore Cranes, Generators, Crushers, Trucks and Compressors. With brands such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, Cummins, Volvo, Perkins, Terex, Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Waukesha, GE, Siemens, Mitsubishi, John Deere, Kenworth, Detroit, Grove, Eaton, Parker, Kobelco, Hyundai.   

Don’t see your brand? Please let us know and we will find it for you! Please, do no hesitate and contact us today for more information.

Bulk Material Solutions

Regxon is supplying Pipes, Fittings, Flanges, Stud Bolts, Valves, Gaskets, and other Bulk Material. Regxon’s accumulated experience of managing bulk material supplies for projects and day-to-day requirements. We significantly support oil, gas, power, chemical and petrochemical sectors. Other than stocking bulk material for short supplies, We specialize in integrating the piping supply for the process, power and energy related industries.

Equipment and Resources 

Pipes (Carbon steel and stainless steel)

Pipe Fittings (butt-weld, threaded, socket-weld,…)

Flanges (welding-neck, slip-on, …)

Spiral wound gasket & non- standard gaskets.

Valves (gate, globe, check, butterfly, ball, diaphragm, safety)

Tubes & Tubing fittings (carbon steel, stainless steel & brass)

Fasteners  (carbon, stainless and alloy steel)

P.V.C. and polypropylene pipes, fittings and valves.

Steel section, plates and profiles.

Pneumatic and hand tools.

Crimped high pressure hoses (rubber and stainless steel).

Pressure & temperature gauges.

Spare parts & miscellaneous

Specialized Supplies and Solutions

Regxon offers a comprehensive specialized supplies that can supports its customers in many operations sides, some of our products are: 

Filters (Air, Oil, Diesel, Hydraulic, Separator, Water) 

Hoses and High Pressure Hoses

Fans, Impellers and Shafts 

Pressure and Temperature Gauges.

Instrumentation and Measurement 

Rollers and Components for Bulk Handling 

Rubber Lining and Belt Fasteners

Lighting Equipment 

Electrical Motors and Control Parts 

Hydraulic Equipment and Hand Pumps 

Process and Production Equipment  

Workshop Tools 

Overhead Cranes 

Fabrication Services 

Rapture Discs 

Welding Equipment 

Bearing and Belts 

Hand Tools

EX Proof Equipment

Conveyor Belts 

Air Slide Fabrics 

Steel Crates

Down-hole Solutions (Upstream)

Regxon is serving the oil and gas customers with a long-lasting downhole solutions products that allowing them to drilling faster and safer. Regxon offers full range of cementing equipment certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the International Standards Organization (ISO).

Equipment and Resources 


Casing Accessories 

Float Equipment 

Reamer and Guide Shoe 

Cementing Plugs 

Stage/DV Tools 

Tubular Compound

Thread Lock Seal  

Pressure Control Solutions (Upstream)

Regxon offers a full range of wellhead products, flow control equipment and pressure equipment, Regxon can help you achieve safer and more efficient drilling and production. From pre-engineered products, to fully customized designs, we offer the latest technology for every application. Reduce costs, minimize risk, and increase production even under the most demanding environmental challenges. Our reliable pressure control solutions not only allow you to perform at maximum capacity but also ensure greater safety while avoiding unnecessary maintenance costs over the life of your assets.

Equipment and Resources

Wellhead Equipment‭ ‬

RAM BOPs‭, ‬Annular BOPs‭, ‬Connectors

Remote Panel Controls‭ ‬

Subsea MUX Control Systems‭. ‬

Check and Gate Valves‭, ‬Chokes‭, ‬and Manifolds

Rig Integrated Solutions (Upstream)

Regxon is providing integrated rig solutions to serve the upstream drilling contractors, with professional and dedicated team Regxon can supply, maintain and repair its customer’s rigs needs.

Equipment and Resources

Oil Well Rigs 

Workover & Water Well Rigs

Specialized / Preventive Maintenance and Repair Management

OEM Equipment 

Top Drive 


Wire rope, Slings 

Tong Dies and Inserts 

Friction Discs 

Pipes and Wipers 

Fluid End Parts 



Mud Buckets 

Power End Parts 

Spill Protection 

Surface Pumps 



Power Transmissions 

Couplings and Fittings 

V-Belts and Rotor Seals 

Sheaves, Bushings and Shafts  

Drawwork and Gear Box 

Engines and Brakes 

Hoisting System 

Well Control Equipment 


DP/DC Dope