Bulk Material Solutions

Regxon is supplying Pipes, Fittings, Flanges, Stud Bolts, Valves, Gaskets, and other Bulk Material. Regxon’s accumulated experience of managing bulk material supplies for projects and day-to-day requirements. We significantly support oil, gas, power, chemical and petrochemical sectors. Other than stocking bulk material for short supplies, We specialize in integrating the piping supply for the process, power and energy related industries.

Equipment and Resources 

Pipes (Carbon steel and stainless steel)

Pipe Fittings (butt-weld, threaded, socket-weld,…)

Flanges (welding-neck, slip-on, …)

Spiral wound gasket & non- standard gaskets.

Valves (gate, globe, check, butterfly, ball, diaphragm, safety)

Tubes & Tubing fittings (carbon steel, stainless steel & brass)

Fasteners  (carbon, stainless and alloy steel)

P.V.C. and polypropylene pipes, fittings and valves.

Steel section, plates and profiles.

Pneumatic and hand tools.

Crimped high pressure hoses (rubber and stainless steel).

Pressure & temperature gauges.

Spare parts & miscellaneous