Specialized Supplies and Solutions

Regxon offers a comprehensive specialized supplies that can supports its customers in many operations sides, some of our products are: 

Filters (Air, Oil, Diesel, Hydraulic, Separator, Water) 

Hoses and High Pressure Hoses

Fans, Impellers and Shafts 

Pressure and Temperature Gauges.

Instrumentation and Measurement 

Rollers and Components for Bulk Handling 

Rubber Lining and Belt Fasteners

Lighting Equipment 

Electrical Motors and Control Parts 

Hydraulic Equipment and Hand Pumps 

Process and Production Equipment  

Workshop Tools 

Overhead Cranes 

Fabrication Services 

Rapture Discs 

Welding Equipment 

Bearing and Belts 

Hand Tools

EX Proof Equipment

Conveyor Belts 

Air Slide Fabrics 

Steel Crates