Firefighting Solutions

Regxon’s Firefighting solution is focused on design, supply, installation and maintenance of fire protection systems starting from small applications up to very complicated & sophisticated hazardous fire protection systems. We have an extensive experience in the supply and installation of various fire fighting systems in accordance with NFPA requirements. We deal with major US and EU manufacturers to provide the latest scientific technology in the field of fire fighting. 

Equipment and Resources 

Heat Exchanger 

Wet and Dry Sprinkler Systems.

Deluge Systems.

Foam Systems.

Fire Hydrants Systems.

Fire Cabinets Systems.

Fire Department Systems.

Fire Pumps Systems.

Fire Suppression Systems

FM-200 System.

CO2 System.

Argonite System.

Noviac System.

Fire Trace System.

Detection System.

Fire Fighting for Transformers Systems.

Fire Extinguishers Systems.